Welcome to the 2019 Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference Presenters!

Class Set 1: Boundaries (9:45-11am)

Sexual Abuse in the Alternative Lifestyle Community – Community Solutions to a Community Problem – Adaya Adler (she/her)

How to Set Boundaries Without Being an Asshole – Jason Best, LCSW (he/him)

Healing With Each Other, Not Through Each Other – Jes Scheinpflug, LSW (they/them) and Xochitl Sandoval, AM (he/him)

Class Set 2: Phases of Polyamory (11:10-12:25pm)

Love Roller Coaster: How to Skillfully Navigate ALL The Phases of Relationship (NRE to Grief) – Tazima Parris (she/her)

The Polyamory Starter Kit – Ren Grabert (they/them)

Changing Libidos, Evolving Orientations: Navigating Internal Transitions in Long-Term Relationships – Sarah Sloane (she/her)

Lunch Discussions or Lunch on Your Own (12:25-1:40pm)

Polyamory Newbie Discussion – facilitated by BlakSyn (they/them), Anita Nayak (she/her), and Eric Levy (he/him)

I Fucked Up, Now What? Lunch Discussion – facilitated by Jesse Holzman (they/them), Chris Pent (he/her), and Sarah Sloane (she/her)

Class Set 3: Facing Power (1:40-2:55pm)

Panel Discussion: Non-Monogamy and Disability – facilitated by Carrie Kaufman (she/her) with panelists Fulani Thrasher (she/her), Zaynab Shahar (she/her), and Terri Lynne Hudson (she/her)

Young, Black, Queer and Poly: Navigating in Spaces that Were Never Meant for You – Jae Rice (they/them) and Tori Rice (she/her)

Journeying Together (Exploring Gender Identity) – Cassandra Walker, LSW, CRSS (she/they)

Class Set 4: Ending the Day (3:05-4:20pm)

The Importance of Holding Space in Liberation from Monogamous Culture/Society (for People of Color Only) – Pati Gomez (she/they), Mayra Cortez (she/they), Manu Montalvo (they/them), Kaya Rial (she/they); Phade Wayze (she/her), Daisy Zamora (she/her), and Huitzi X (she/he/they/it)

Finishing With Feeling: Navigating Uncomfortable Emotions – Sophie Lucido Johnson (she/her)

How to End the Day on a High Note – Nikki Nigl (she/her) and Chad Goodrum (he/him)

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