Phases of Polyamory, Option 3

Changing Libidos, Evolving Orientations: Navigating Internal Transitions in Long-Term Relationships

As we learn and grow and age, our bodies and desires do, too! However, often our relationships falter (or fail) because of these transition times – and they don’t always need to! Let’s talk about creating brave space to explore our changes with our partners, and redesigning (or re-inventing) our relationship foundations to keep relationships vital throughout life’s changes.

Bio: Sarah Sloane (she/her) is a sexuality and relationships educator, writer, and activist from Chicago, IL. Sarah firmly believes that love is a radical act, and as such, her goal is to contribute to making spaces where that love can be affirmed, in all its varieties. She has spoken at colleges, professional organizations, affinity groups, and industry events for over 15 years, and she’s written for a wide variety of websites and magazines about sexuality and relationship topics. Outside of her work, she spends time with her partners and friends, the free weight section of her gym, her knitting, her coffee pot, and her teddy bear, Stuart. (website:, twitter @Sarah Sloane)

Image Description: Sarah is leaning to the left side of the picture. She has reddish-brown curly hair, pulled back into a half-ponytail, and is wearing a V-neck black shirt. She is smiling and looking over the top of her black glasses.

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