Boundaries, Option 1

“Sexual Abuse in the Alternative Lifestyle Community – Community Solutions to a Community Problem”

In the wake of national anti-sexual-harassment movements like #metoo and #timesup, society as a whole is just beginning to see how wide-spread and pervasive sexual harassment and abuse are in our society. However, as a sexual minority that lacks legal recognition, the alternative lifestyle community has a much more difficult job in trying to educate, prevent, and advocate for community members impacted by sexual harassment. This class will focus on how all community members can work together to make our space as safe as it is welcoming.
We will discuss:
• The bystander effect and victim-blaming
• The 4 D’s of bystander intervention
• Action planning for bystanders and targeted people

Bio: Adaya Adler (she, her) has been studying, writing, and presenting on the intersection of feminism and alternative lifestyles for 12 years. She founded and ran the Chicago Feminist Renaissance, and presented on professional development, the new science of women’s sexuality, and the feminism of submission. Having recently earned a master’s degree in psychology, her greatest hope is to show communities how to come together to prevent abuse and harassment. In her spare time Adaya enjoys recreational shopping, knitting, and is a pinball fanatic.

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