Facing Power, Option 3


Journeying Together

Exploring gender identity is hard. Trying to do so while partnered and/or dating can feel down right daunting. On the other side having a partner whose gender is evolving can feel like walking a field of landmines blindfolded. This class talks about how to explore your gender while partnered and how to be supportive of someone who is exploring while processing your feelings too. We will talk about options for testing and changing pronouns and expression and the anxiety of being “too much”.. We will also discuss identity shifts that can happen when a partner transitions, and the anxiety of “getting it wrong”.

Bio: Cassandra (she/they) is a Black Queer Social Worker, Activist, and Therapist who is also a member of the poly and kink communities. They work in a group private practice, and in their spare time work on their blog and podcast Woke Mental Wellness and running a small convention.

Image Description: It is a headshot of Cassandra. She is in front of a white background, wearing a red mesh shirt and rainbow weave in long braids. She is laughing, looking to the left.

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