Phases of Polyamory, Option 1

“Love Roller Coaster: How to Skillfully Navigate ALL The Phases of Relationship (NRE to Grief)”

During this talk, the phases of a relationship (from NRE to Grief) will be identified, tools will be provided to navigate these phases, and discussions will take place on how to create a hot, genuine, and lasting connection. Perspectives will be introduced to help participants effectively deal with the shifting emotions that accompany each of the phases. The class will also touch on how the Happily-Ever-After myth has us chasing unattainable fantasies, how conflict can actually increase intimacy, and how our physiology skews our perception of relationships. Tazima facilitates a light-hearted tone and safe supportive environment in which to ask questions and share insights. She guides participants to reflect, learn, and vision for themselves. Practical next steps and simple exercises will be provided so participants can share with their partners, lovers, and friends. The intention is to inspire a conscious approach to the most important relationships in our lives. 

Bio: Tazima Parris (she/her) is a Chicago-based sex & intimacy coach with a passion for romantic relationships, human sexuality, personal growth, pleasure, and fulfillment… hopefully all at the same time. She supports high-achieving women over 40 who are struggling with overthinking online dating. Through private coaching, group programs, and relationship retreats, Tazima helps these women activate their pleasure for conscious connection, courageous communication, and sexual liberation. When she was young, Tazima had so many questions about sex and relationships. Why was sex such a big deal anyway? AND why were things in a relationship one way before sex and another way after sex? Unfortunately, she had few people with whom she felt safe enough to ask vulnerable (and possibly incriminating) questions and even fewer people who had any real or reliable information. After serial monogamy, (married at 24 and divorced at 32), Tazima embarked on an exploration and lots of research. That journey included four personal growth programs, three coach training programs, two yoga certifications, a sexuality practice training program, participation in the BDSM community and the sex-positive community, a live-in BDSM relationship, open relationships, polyamory, cuddle parties, play parties, sexuality practice demonstrations, tantra pujas, and finally, a return to a monogam-ish lifestyle with a new marriage in October 2018. In her current work, Tazima uses many communication tools and practices used in non-monogamy to help people in monogamous relationships (and those who want to be) experience more pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction.

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