Lunch Discussion: I Fucked Up, Now What?

I Fucked Up, Now What?”

We all mess up. How we handle those mistakes often determines whether our relationships continue, or how successfully we move forward. Bring your mistakes, your concerns, your questions, and your solutions to this lunch round-table.

Facilitator Bios:

Jesse Holzman (they/them) is based in Chicago. They are a queer, non-binary, non-monogamist, anti-racist, kinkster, educator, and gender, sexuality, and organizational scholar. Jesse was introduced to the non-monogamy conference last year by a metamour. They really love to educate and create community learning spaces where ideas can be created and shared.

Chris Pent (he/him) is a sex educator and advocate with a passion for empowering others to embrace their sexual selves. He works to welcome all people into the sex positive community and to build bonds between non-monogamous, kinky, and queer communities. When he’s not keeping companies safer from hackers, Chris is an educator with the Center for Positive Sexuality, a contributor on the “Life on the Swingset” podcast, and an active provider of information on social media. A lifetime Chicagoan, Chris can also be found pursuing his love of photography, exploring everything the city has to offer, absorbing new music like a sponge, or enjoying a cup of Earl Grey (hot) with a cat on his lap.

Sarah Sloane is a sexuality and relationships education, writer, and activist from Chicago, IL. Sarah firmly believes that love is a radical act, and as such, her goal is to contribute to making spaces where that love can be affirmed, in all its varieties. She has spoken at colleges, professional organizations, affinity groups, and industry events for over 15 years, and she’s written for a wide variety of websites and magazines about sexuality and relationship topics. Outside of her work, she spends time with her partners and friends, the free weight section of her gym, her knitting, her coffee pot, and her teddy bear, Stuart. (website:, twitter @Sarah Sloane)

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