Lunch Discussion: Newbie Discussion

“Newbie Discussion”

Come have lunch with facilitators who have been around a while. Bring your questions, comments, concerns, and experiences!

Facilitator Bios:

BlakSyn is a queer non-binary man (they/them) and Philadelphia transplant hailing from Chicago. After years of witnessing the lack of representation in spaces for sexuality, and namely BDSM, they began their foray into sexuality education as a way to spread the gospel of BDSM to the marginalized. Starting with a focus on Philly’s QTPOC (Queer and Transgender People of Color) community, they shared knowledge amassed over the years, taught classes and organized kinky events that continue today. Eventually, they would take their mission to the internet and has had the immense, immeasurable joy of teaching, collaborating and associating with QTPOC in numerous places throughout the world. Their newest endeavor, “Black and Brown and Blue”, is a photo project created to highlight individuals of color in fetish, boudoir and kink settings and has been met with acclaim. They have enjoyed the privilege of being on countless panels, providing education all over the eastern US and writing about their passions. They also have a rubber duck collection.
Instagram – @BlakSyns
Instagram – @blackandbrownandblue

During the summer of 2016, Anita Nayak (she/her) wondered why she had always defaulted to monogamous relationships despite not feeling 100% comfortable in them. As a nerd, she did some research and was pretty certain that non monogamy was not for her. Nonetheless, she decided to cautiously dip her toe into the ENM pool with some very strict rules like “No dating married men”. Of course, her very first partner was/is married. She decided to embrace the unknown and her rules changed as she explored ENM & polyamory. Anita loves questioning her ingrained beliefs and reflecting on the boundaries of relationships. Polyamory feels very comfortable now. She enjoys the diversity of the community, hearing how people have come to poylamory and how it has impacted their lives. She is pleased to help facilitate the newbie lunch.

Eric Levy (he/him) is a high school Humanities teacher who has also published articles on music in film in assorted magazines and journals. A native to the Chicago area, he feels he has been polyamorous his entire life, practicing consensual non-monogamy since 2014. He has become an important fixture in Chicago’s polyamory community since then, co-hosting the Chicago Polyamory Connection’s Newbie Workshop, organizing lunch after the monthly support group, and volunteering at the 1st Annual Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference. Because of his outgoing personality and knack for exposing new people to polyamory, his friends in the community have dubbed him “the Mayor of Polytown”.

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