Phases of Polyamory, Option 2

“The Polyamory Starter Kit”

I stumbled into polyamory without having any real knowledge of the concepts, language, or tools to explain why I was drawn to it or what I wanted out of it. Further, when I started asking questions, I got lots of different answers. Because polyamory is different for each person, it’s difficult to have a one-size-fits-all set of tools. So, this workshop is about helping you develop a framework for creating your own toolbox. We’ll delve into questions about your motives, your desires, your needs, and your identity, so you can be more fully equipped to navigate poly dating and relationships with some communication tools and language. A lot of the workshop will be individual reflection, with some sharing to the group, as people feel comfortable. (Original session description author: Chad Wilson)

Bio: Ren Grabert (they/them) is a sex educator and healthcare researcher with over a decade of experience teaching about gender identity, alternative relationships, and navigating sex and chronic illness. Ren’s passion is teaching healthcare providers the information and skills to facilitate patient-centered, affirming dialogue so that they are better prepared to discuss sexual health with their patients. They have spoken to medical students about sexual health and pleasure at Universities across the U.S. Ren holds a B.S. in Public Health from Temple University and an M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University. In the very little spare time they have, Ren is a knitter and devoted dog parent. Find them on all over social media at @sexhealthinfo.

Image Description: Ren is standing in front of a white background. They have short, dark hair, are wearing a green and white button up plaid shirt, and are wearing glasses.

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